April 11, 2022

Jack's personal collection of comics and other historical items.

Jack's personal collection of comics and other memorabilia. Here is the ONLY place to get up close and personal with Jack's collection of comic books and other historical items.

Jack's personal collection of comics and other historical items.
Jack's personal issue of Black Panther #1

When creating this special website for supporters, I thought long and hard about how to best give fans a glimpse into the life of my grandfather.  I wanted to share special experiences and items that were truly one-of-a-kind (or close to it).

What type of comics are in Jack's personal collection?
Sadly, my grandfather didn't keep many of his early comics (and unfortunately some were kept but later sold).  This makes it all the more special to share with you comics that he did keep as part of his personal collection.  Any 1960's Marvel comics that you see here are one-of-a-kind, as my grandfather rarely was given, nor kept more than one copy if any at all.  A few special books coming your way are below:

Incredible Hulk #1

Sgt. Fury and his Howling Commandos 1-10

Early Fantastic Four books

Captain America #100

Romance books

Early DC Work (Challengers of the Unknown and more)

The books above represent some amazing personal items that you'll be able to view as a supporter of this site and read through as Jack Kirby did.  Some are quite worn as the thought to preserve them as a collector item was never an intention.

Later Books: New Gods and Jack's return to Marvel
As for the later 1970's books from both Marvel and DC, my grandfather usually had multiples of each book.  The books you will see here were part of a complete set that my grandmother and I put away to keep as a complete set for posterity.

Side Notes
You will see some books with signatures.  Sadly, my grandfather did not sign many things for himself.  If asked, he would be happy to sign for a fan, but did not think about signing many of his own copies.  You will see a few with some notes or scribbles written on them.  Although high quality scans so you can enjoy the books, please note that these are available to you for historical purposes as you are able to view the same book that Jack would have viewed.  If interested in reading any of these books in their entirety, please visit their respective publishers and purchase a copy from them.  Both Marvel and DC have done a great job in preserving the art and most books are now available as a digital download.  

Pulp Books

Pulp Book from Jack's personal collection

Another way to give you an inside look into my grandfather, is to let you see what inspired him.  My grandfather loved Pulp Stories.  Jack kept hundreds of pulp books and as you'll see, read each and every one of them.  He then read them again and again.  These books will have various markings on them, scribbles and in SOME cases, even art or doodles inside.  These books will give you a rare inside look into the stories that inspired him to create the stories that inspired you.

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