April 11, 2022


I'm Jeremy Kirby, Jack Kirby's grandson and welcome to Jack Kirby: The King of Comics.  Thank you to everyone who supports this page on a monthly basis!  Here, you'll find (and become part of) some amazing comic book history.  Sections include:

·     My grandfather's personal collection of comic books, where you'll be able to view every scratch, note and scribble on these historical books.  These include some early Marvel Books, Romance Comics, Monster Books, early DC collections and most of his 1970's comic runs.

·     Our photo section features never-before-seen photos, slides and even some video of the King of comics.

·     It wouldn’t be a Jack Kirby site without amazing artwork.  Here we have multiple pages dedicated to rare and unseen art from my grandfather, Jack Kirby.

·     Thousands of Photostats! My grandfather used photostats for a multitude of purposes.  Getting his original artwork back from a publisher was not always easy and sometimes downright impossible.  Jack needed to have access to his art, so he began making photostats of the pages.  These are limited, or one-of-a-kind copies of artwork from my grandfather’s personal collection.

·     The home of the Kirby On Comics podcast.  Get an inside look into my grandfather’s life and hear great stories passed down from me, Jeremy Kirby.  We’ll touch on my grandfather’s early work, family history and his continuing legacy.  New episodes come out each and every month and are available only here!

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